Bringing The Beach Indoors

When the team at Timetrendz approached us, their vision for the project was clear. The requirement was to create a sunny California style beach set that can be used for photography and filmmaking of their launch campaign without dealing with rain in the monsoon season. The caveat? only 10 days available to plan, shoot, edit and deliver. It was concerning for them and easy for us.



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Planning The Shoot

In the pre-production phase, we curated a simple mood board and posing guide with prop references that can be used in a small studio space and still give a real beach setup vibe. Our goal was to create a base and then utilize props to create variations in the set, saving everyone both time and money. To make sure, the output will be what the client expects, our ace photographer Pulkit Taneja created a 3D version of the set!

Shoot Day

For the shoot, we were sure that it can be done in under 10 hours if everything goes as planned, and luckily it did for the whole team. Our goal with the lighting setup was to create a lighting diagram that can be utilised for both daylight and evening shots by just changing the colour temperature and doing micro adjustments in the position.

The Results

The output was highly appreciated by the whole team at Timetrendz and they look forward to shooting their next campaign with us shortly in future. The testimonial: “We liked the energy and speed with which you worked. The quality is great! “- Umang Mathur, Director – Timetrendz

For more pictures from the shoot check out the website of Pulkit Taneja.

People Behind The Visuals

From Left: Srishti Aneja – Assistant Fashion Stylist, Ashish Rawat – Brand Team, Pedro Silvente Belando – Model, Nastya (Stayce) – Model , Leandra Klisievicz – Model, Murat Unluturk– Model, Kaushik Basu – Brand Team, Amit Kumar – Brand Team, Sahil Khan – Makeup Artist, Wakeel – Dressman, Hairworld – Hairstylist,

From bottom left: Rahul Yadav – Set Designer, Pulkit Taneja – Director/DOP/Photographer, Arush Dua – Cinematographer. People not in frame: Huma Khan – Fashion Stylist, Alisha Narang – Lead Makeup Artist, Dillip – Gaffer.