Visualising the vision behind Three Sisters Home

After successfully completing the video production project of Javi Home, we were assigned this new challenge to brand one of their sister companies in New South Wales, Australia. The idea behind the identity was to showcase the prominence of the state of Australia, Three Sisters (rock formations in the blue mountain range) as well as incorporate the founder’s family tree consisting of three daughters and three sisters resembled through a modern mark.


Graphic Design
Website Design

Implementing on applications

Being a home fashion brand, Three Sisters Home’s presence was to be seen at multiple places and on various mediums. To assure proper usage and implementation of brand for years to come, we did a mockup design sprint for them to find any bottlenecks. The sprints included testing the logo on different fabrics, cardboards, plastic and outdoor print media.

Bringing it online

The final leg of the branding project was to take the business online and have them ready for launch. The requirement was to create a website where only logged in users will be able to see the prices and place orders. We initiated our process with UI design sprints through a structured and pre defined navigation flow to ease the users experience and generate sales effectively.