Humorwale is a millennial focussed entertainment youtube channel from India. Since its inception in 2019, our team has been a part of the journey. Our team initially worked on their identity design and content distribution strategy. Following this, we were asked to help them produce their content where we manage all their production requirements such as Directors, Cinematographers, Stylists, and Make-up artists



The Branding Process

In a market where multiple new channels frequently come into existence, a robust branding solution is very important. Our project started with a discovery session which laid out necessary information such as the content type, target audience, company goals, and sub ventures.

After a thorough understanding of the brand and the market they were about to enter, we suggested to keep the branding loud and vivid. Our goal for their identity design was to create a brush script typeface and a standalone ‘H’ symbol that will resonate with infinite entertainment, and showcase their ability to create memories that will last in the viewer’s mind.

The ‘H’ wordmark of Humorwale consists of two symbols ‘Infinity’ and ‘Pi’ which depicts their everlasting urge to create something new.

Appraisal Of The Year

A short comedy-fiction where the HR of a company forgets that she had organised a Bollywood theme party and keeps the employees’ review on the same day. This leads to chaos in the office where only one side will stay sane.

Cast: Shreya Mehta, Abhimanyu Malhotra, Suraj Verma, Aman Mohammadi, Jaspreet Singh, Haris Khan and Kishan Gupta

Sardi Wala Pyaar

A story of a young couple in a live-in relationship during the chilly winters of Delhi. This short sketch showcases the various cute and romantic moments that couples usually share and some that they want to.

Cast: Rohan Shah and Mugdha Agarwal

Broke On Girlfriend's Birthday

Keshav calls his girlfriend Shreya to wish her a happy birthday completely forgetting his promise of going out on a date with her. When reminded about it, he starts to panic as its month-end and he is completely broke. After trying a lot to somehow arrange money before they reach their destination, he finds himself in a situation he never had imagined.

Cast: Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta and Kishan Gupta

Jasoos Boyfriend

Rohit finds his girlfriend’s old friend Palak at their place who he totally hates. Things get interesting when a burglary happens during her stay. Rohit who is a wannabe detective gets on the quest of finding the thief

Cast: Abhinav Anand, Mugdha Agarwal, Kishan Gupta and Samira Chauhan