Celebrating gaming with the esports giant

In Early 2019, post acquiring rising creators in the eSports industry and giving them a platform to turn their passion into a career, Ebullient Gaming India’s founding Duo approached us for a full Brand Development. After an in-depth creative brainstorming with them, we agreed on a minimalist approach that aligned well with their outlook of brand development in this ever-changing global market.


Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Website Design

Divert and Win

For marketing on Instagram and Facebook, we decided to make carousels for the top 10 creators signed under Ebullient Gaming India at that time. These dynamic carousels with the gamers’ details, statistics, and unknown facts would divert their fan base to these channels. This campaign helped them garner over 6,000 new organic followers in a span of 7 days.

Bringing People Together

Building an amazing community of gamers and giving them a platform to showcase their talent and convert it into a career has been the primary goal of Ebullient Gaming India. For EGI’s youtube launch, AMD partnered with them for a 10-day campaign where each day a new creator would come live on their youtube channel for a 3 hour long live stream. We proposed the idea of creating custom Introduction screens for each creator to be showcased in loop before the live stream begins.

To elevate the marketing we focused on ways through which people may land on the videos. One of them was a youtube search. The whole search is saturated with vibrant thumbnails in the esports business and its easy for your video to get lost in the crowd. We went back to the very basics and created thumbnails that were clean and easy to distinguish between thousands of search results. The Youtube and Facebook banners for this campaign were kept in sync for a cohesive, strong, and confident brand positioning.

Exploring The Fame Life

For their next endeavor, the team at Beat The Best and Ebullient Gaming India discussed establishing Neon Man (Ayush Parmar) as the top gaming and youtube related news channel. Ayush had been doing great alone, but with a little push, we all knew things will explode. Our first step was to give him a new photoshoot to get his marketing material ready and showcase the vibrant side of Neon Man.

Following this we decided to fly in different eSports creators from across the country together for in-depth, fun, and light-hearted interviews as part of a series The Hall Of fame’. The list of creators included Dynamo Gaming, Gareeboo, Two Side Gamers, Ankkita-C, Maxtern, Emperor, Tanmay Bhat, Scout OP, and more.

Supporting Different Interests

Ebullient Gaming India has always backed each creator in all their interests apart from gaming and been like a family. For our next project, we were asked to produce two music videos for their multi-talented artist Gunshot (Harnit Khatri). Collaborating with HXGO from Toronto, Harnit finalized two songs – ‘PUBG Hero’ a song dedicated to him by HXGO & Chini and ‘Unfold’. PUBG hero became a top hit in the gaming community with almost every streamer playing the track on their live streams. Unfold did exceptionally well with the general audience (psst…It’s our team’s favorite song).