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Building trends with carryminati

In December 2018, Carryminati and his management approached us to produce new imagery for him which could be utilised for various publications. Beat The Best delivered more than what they asked for, resulting in the images flooding the internet.


Motion Graphics
Graphic Design


By the end of the same year we were given a new major task. Our team had to conceptualise, produce, and deliver the ‘Bye Pewdiepie’ music video within 4 days. We took the challenge and completed the task before the launch date. Ajey Nagar’s (Carryminati) passion towards the project made him stay with us at our studio where we edited the video together, bouncing around more ideas and shooting new scenes at 6 AM after staying up the whole night.


The year 2019 was all about showcasing his personality on live streams and social media. Rich-Bold colours were a part of our process. The Livestream UI and intro screens were designed for better focus on the gameplay and Ajey, avoiding any distractions. A horror-themed version of the same was designed too for a new look during those gameplays.

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